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33 Activities for Your Loved One With Alzheimer’s

One of the hardest challenges I face regularly is trying to keep my grandmother active. While I will admit, it does happens sometimes, I really hate for her to sit in front of the TV all day. I have raised the question to other caregivers in support groups, scoured the web, inquired with the Alzheimer’s Association and been given tons of suggestions. Some idea work for her (sometimes), others wouldn’t.

So here’s a collection of fun activities I’ve put together based on my own ideas and things I’ve seen over time that your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia might enjoy. Hopefully, there are a couple of items on the list that will be helpful. I have tried to include activities for loved ones in all stages of cognition. You know best what will and what won’t work for your loved one. I’ve included activities that can be done together or independently.


When possible, try to center activities around things you know they are into. (ex. music, cooking, etc.) Also, try not to treat your loved one like a child. If they are clearly not feeling whatever activity you want them to engage in, move on to something else or take a break. And remember sometimes, it’s just OK to do nothing. If they want to sit in front of the TV or nap all day, sometimes that’s OK too.

Here is a link to the free printable version of the activity list. Have fun!

What kinds of activities have you found your loved one to enjoy?


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