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Sunday Morning Magazine iHeartRadio Interview

iheartradio interviewpost

Earlier this month I took part in a radio interview for the Sunday Morning Magazine program on six iHeartRadio stations in Dallas. Other interviews I have done have been fairly short and while I was able to share parts of my story, due to time constraints, they weren’t as informative.


This interview was different. The format was casual and the interview was conducted by Anna De Harro, a radio host and fellow advocate who took care of her mom who passed away from Alzheimer’s.

Add to that the expertise of Diana R. Kerwin, MD, Chief of Geriatrics at Texas Health Presbyterian, and founder of Texas Alzheimer’s and Memory Disorders and I feel like we were able to provide a helpful and insightful conversation about the disease and some of the ways it can affect those living with it and their caregivers. We discuss communication, redirecting, keeping a positive attitude, research, brain health and more.

Iheartradio Interveiw

Dr. Kerwin, Anna and myself.

I appreciate every chance I have to share information about this disease with the community and I am forever grateful for each opportunity.

Listen to the interview below.


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