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Can diet and lifestyle decrease your risk for Alzheimer’s?

Could Alzheimer’s be Type 3 diabetes?

I don’t know. Honestly, I’m a skeptic. That’s only because I know of stories of plenty of seemingly healthy and active people who get Alzheimer’s. However, I am definitely open to finding an answer to these questions.

That’s exactly what Max Lugavere aims to do with his new documentary, Bread Head.

When I first started this journey, I assumed I was really young to be a caregiver. That was because typically, at Alzheimer’s Association events and caregiver support meetings, most of the people are my mom’s age or older. Young people are typically not the face of this disease, as caregivers or patients.

But the longer I travel this road, the more I come across others who are my age and younger. And the more I realize that we will have to be the voice for this movement. When I find someone who is really passionate about digging deeper into this complicated disease, I get excited.

That’s what happened when another young advocate shared the Facebook page for Bread Head with me. I got excited.

At age 32, filmmaker Max Lugavere, is a young Alzheimer’s advocate whose mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 59.

Max is creating a documentary that takes a look at the impact of diet and lifestyle on brain health. He hopes to give millennials a roadmap to preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s, decades before the first symptoms appear.

From the KickStarter page: “This is not another documentary exposing the hardships of dementia. There are plenty of those. BREAD HEAD (working title) will be the first documentary to investigate the empowering science that is happening in labs and clinics today to help us beat it. Because changes in the brain begin decades before Alzheimer’s symptoms, the absolute best way we can move the needle on this disease is through minimizing risk when it matters most.”

Check out the preview in the video above and if you feel so compelled, make a donation to support his efforts. I don’t know this guy, but I know I definitely offer my support.

You can visit his Kickstarter page here and learn more.


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