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Ready for the New Year

I am so ready for the new year. Is it January first yet? This end of year period is really dragging for me. For some reason, I am eagerly anticipating the beginning of 2015. I will be starting a new workout/clean eating program and looking forward to transforming my body. I’m going to finally open the bottles of vitamins I bought 3 weeks ago and start a new vitamin/supplement plan to try to boost my energy and improve my overall health. I have some personal and professional systems that I will implement to try and organize and make our lives a little easier around here.

I’m excited! But not just that, I feel like the new year is really a new start. An opportunity to hit the refresh button. A clean slate. Yes, I realize this can happen at any point throughout the year, but if it hasn’t, now is the time.

2014 might have been my roughest year yet. Despite it all, I am blessed and grateful and know that it could be worse.

I once dated a guy who used to fuss at me about always looking forward to the weekend. And being ‘so ready for the work week to be over.’ Not because I had some fabulous weekend plans, but just because I was ready for something different. He would remind me that everyday is a gift and not to rush through life..blah blah blah. Yes, I know, he’s right. But when you are having a rough week, or month, or season sometimes that feeling of hope about what’s on the horizon can get you through to the next, hopefully better, phase. And personally, I think that’s okay.

So forget that ex. ‘Cheers to the freakin’ weekend’ anyway! It’s time to pull it together and get things in order. And cheers to staying positive and looking forward to the future and the assurance that your 2015 gets off to a positive and productive start!



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