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Rockstar Dementia Educator Teepa Snow


A good friend recently invited me to a FREE all day caregiver training workshop. Once I heard who the presenter was, I knew I had to go. The workshop was taught by superstar Alzheimer’s/Dementia educator, Teepa Snow. I mentioned the presentation to my grandmother’s nurse and she had never heard of Teepa. I’ve since mentioned Teepa to other caregivers and health care staff, researchers, etc and surprisingly, they have not heard of Teepa either. I realized that I clearly needed to share this great resource with the world.

In the video below Teepa explains the Ten Early Signs of Dementia.

Teepa’s straight forward, easy to understand presentation style is what makes her the best. She engages her audience and weaves in and out of the crowd using attendees to demonstrate points. While she explained medical terms and the different parts of the brain, she shared how each function is effected by the disease. She then went on to give examples of common behavior issues and provide advice on effective ways to deal with behaviors as a caregiver. She covered everything from eating, to showering to basic communication skills. It helps that she has an extensive background in dementia care as an occupational therapist. She also has more than 33 years of clinical experience in the field of geriatrics and dementia care and provides personal care to family members with dementia.

The seminar I attended was open to professional caregivers,family members, and anyone who wanted to gain a better understanding of how to live with the effects of dementia.

Her website is also helpful and full of valuable resources.

I’ve included another video from Teepa below explaining how vision changes overtime in a person with dementia.  It gives you more insight into the type of training she provides and just how helpful it can be. I’ve noticed exactly what she describes in the video in my grandmothers vision as she progresses. This link also provides a collection of some of her most useful videos.  I encourage you to explore her website and YouTube to find others.

If Teepa Snow ever visits your area and you have an opportunity to experience one of her sessions, you have to go. I promise you won’t regret it.

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Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
5월 16일

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